New Buildings and Change of Use of Rural Buildings

Rural Buildings usually means farm buildings -

Many of these are no longer needed for their original use

Planning Permission for a "Change of Use" from agriculture is almost always required by your local council for

  • stabling or other non-farm animal husbandry
  • recreational use
  • conversion to dwellings and even to holiday accommodation
  • industrial use or storage use

Most local authorities have planning policies that encourage re-use of redundant rural buildings as long as

  • the new use will not create a nuisance to neigbours such as noise, smell or dust
  • will not create a traffic problem - your site will need a suitable access road
  • does not affect the landscape - but remember Landyke can prepare landscape planting  proposals for you

If your proposal is for a new building then the following factors will also receive close scrutiny from the local authority

  • construction materials and colours
  • size of the building and its scale related to the site
  • visibility within the local landscape

If your proposed change of use will ensure

  • continued employment,
  • or create new employment opportunities for you, your family or rural people
  • an old building is saved from falling into disrepair or demolition

then these will be a very persuasive factors in getting your permission. 

To obtain planning permission from your local authority

  • you will need drawings and maps to specified scales
  • a report supporting your proposals and proving what you intend to do meets all the local and national policies on use and management of the countryside

Landyke prepared maps and plans are of the highest standard and have been accepted by

  • local planning authorities
  • Environment Agency
  • Internal Drainage Boards
  • Highways Authority

Please click on the detailed examples below to see full page view 

Click to see detail ........elevations of a simple open-fronted barn

Click to see detail......... site plan showing existing site and proposed works