Case Study Home Close Fishery

We are particularly proud of Home Close Fishery where Landyke helped Martin Tomlinson establish a top quality sport angling fishery in the most beautiful setting.

Along with many of the younger generation of farmers, Martin was keen to add another income stream to the family dairy farm business so the farm has diversified into fishing - one of the most popular sports in the UK - and a passion for Martin.

Using the plentiful water sources and the natural lay of the land, Landyke designed a series of lakes to fit Martin's extensive plans. Martins own skills and knowledge helped Landyke as he was very clear about the need for filtration through reedbeds and other ideas which although adding to the initial cost of construction, will ease the long term management of each of the lakes and minimise the risks of pollution incidents or silt deposits from heavy summer storms.

Landyke's considerable experience with water sourcing and water flow systems, ensured the inlet and overflow arrangements met the very detailed requirements of the Environment Agency that will be rigourously enforced due to SSSI and other wildlife/ecology concerns and a major flood prevention scheme downstream of the fishery.