Case Study Equine Worker Accommodation

Joanne Awcoate had been running a small but successful livery yard for several years, but Joanne and her planning consultant had been unable to persuade North Warwickshire Boro Council the business was viable or that Joanne needed to be resident on site to look after the clients horses. Further, the Council's agricultural adviser maintained managing the livery yard was not a full time role.

Landyke wrote a business appraisal that

  • proved the number of horses, land area and and animal welfare needed a full time employee resident on site
  • ensured Joanne could keep a mobile home on site as a temporary dwelling whilst an application for a house could be considered

Over the next year Landyke prepared on-going business appraisal updates

  • working with Joanne's accountant and presenting the necessary financial data to prove business viability, and
  • working with Joanne's existing planning and architect expert, Landyke designed the site layout and proved the proposals met N Warks Boro Council landscape concerns

The end result was planning permission for a permanent dwelling  - so Joanne could invest more time and money to further build up her already successful business without fears over long term security.