Lake Design and Management


A large garden pool or a large landscape lake is often a private landowners favourite asset and

  • will always add value to your house and land
  • will attract wildlife all year round.

Commercial water areas, from small fishing pools to multi-lake fishing complexes, jetski lakes and boating marinas can often

  • earn incomes in excess of most agricultural uses
  • create an income stream from land areas that otherwise  produce no income at all


Feasibility - in almost all cases Landyke undertakes the initial feasibility study looking at

  • soils
  • local topography and site levels
  • water sources, methods of water flow control and anti-erosion
  • existing and future ecological status/potential
  • market research to ascertain viability of commercial projects

Design - once the feasibility study has proved what is possible, we will

  • discuss the design options with you
  • make sure the water area is tailor made for you and your site
  • not forgetting the all-important safety issues !

Once you have agreed the lake or pond design we have prepared is what you really want  then we can arrange all the necessary permissions and licences such as:

  • planning permission applications under the Town and Country Plannning Act
  • Environment Agency (Water Resources Act) Licensing

We can prepare all the drawings and maps necessary for planning applications -

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We also offer the following services to help your project to run smoothly

  • work in progress supervision of the construction
  • landscape planting design
  • legal advice regarding safety requirements and liability of owners of water areas

Case Study 1: Home Close Fishery in Rutland
Case Study 2: Brooksby Melton College