Environmental Protection and Major Soil Movement Projects

Landyke's involvment in the environment  is relevent in almost all work undertaken but is especially important in the following areas:


Landyke is often asked to provide the soil assessment and hydrology experience to help in pollution control measures such as

  • slurry storage lagoon design and construction styles
  • silage clamp construction and runoff prevention
  • land drainage and anti-erosion projects
  • land restoration from past industrial use

Control of Pollution (Silage, Slurry and Agricultrual Fuel Oil) Regulations 1991 as amended 1997

these are the regulations covering not just genuine farmers with slurry stores and silage clamps but any rural

business and any rural land use including

  • small holders 
  • riding schools or livery yards
  • private horse owners
  • nurseries

Case Study 1: Slurry Lagoon at Dairy Farm


Many projects require differing levels of ecology surveys to gain approval from the local planning authority and the Environment Agency. It often makes sense to carry out ecology surveys early in a project proposal to allow the best design and management decisions to be made based on actual knowledge not "guesstimates" - this applies whether or not a survey is a legal requirement.

Under the Wildlife and Countryside Act and other legislation, most surveys have to be completed by qualified / licenced surveyors. Landyke carries out base-level surveys to guide you as to the "indicator" species present on your land or in your buildings or trees, but we are not licenced surveyors of most of the protected species such as bats, newts or water voles. However, our experience in countryside management is known to many planning authorities and can be of great help in persuading them to accept a less intense survey at a greatly reduced cost to you. We regularly work with licenced surveyors and will be happy to recommend them to you as necessary. 

Case Study 2: Infilling of Railway Cutting