Case Study Slurry Lagoon at Dairy Farm

Dairy farms must be capable of storing large quantities of slurry in order to meet the restrictions on spreading slurry on land in winter or wet periods.

A typical example is a farm in the Vale of Belvoir, whose 500 cows and 100 followers created a need to store over 10,000 m3 (2.23 million gallons) of slurry. A lagoon to hold 13,600 m3 (3 million gallons) was designed using the heavy clay soils of the site to ensure the lagoon was "leak proof". A drainage scheme was incorporated to ensure no extraneous rainwater ran into the lagoon from higher ground and a nearby cattle walkway as rainwater would compound the storage problem.

The Landyke advice and design service was a crucial part of gaining planning permission and Environment Agency approval for the project.